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Boat & Watercraft Wrap Applications

Vinyl wraps have become increasingly popular on boats and watercraft’s, making them the everyday option over paint.  When comparing the cost of painting, a boat wrap will save you time, are long-lasting, and a fraction of the price.

With no surprise installing on a boat or watercraft is very different from installing on a vehicle. If you’re planning on wrapping one of these, take a moment to read our current list of best practices ensure you’re on the right track.

Boat wrapped in DPF 6100XLP
Wrapped by Paul Oliver of Anchored Designs using DPF 6100XLP

Before we jump into the best practices, let’s break down the benefits.

Benefits of a Boat Wrap

Customization: Whether you’re promoting your business or looking to stand out, the customization options are endless.

Ease: Unlike paint, if your vinyl wrap gets scratched, you can replace the wrap reasonably quickly. 

Eco-Friendly:  Marine paints are toxic to marine life; making vinyl boat wraps the effective eco-friendly alternative.

Value: If the time comes of reselling your boat that has a custom wrap, the wrap can be easily changed when sold.  Your wrap will add value by saving the future owner a costly paint job.

Boat Wrapped in SLX Cast Wrap
Wrapped by Nukem Graphics using SLX® Cast Wrap

Best Practices

Measure Twice:  Unlike vehicles, boats and watercraft’s don’t have easy to find templates and have sharp edges. If you can’t find a template for your boat, be sure to take accurate measurements. 

Clean, Clean, Clean: Always clean and prep any surface before installing vinyl. Clean your boat or watercraft by following the steps found here on Perfecting Your Vehicle Prep.

Thick Overlaminate : Use a 2-mil (50 micron) cast overlaminate for max abrasion resistance; a thicker overlaminate will protect the vinyl from being torn on small items found in the water. 

Over-lap Seams:  At the front of the watercraft or boat, over-lap the two seams of the vinyl by one inch. Overlapping the seam that gets the most wear and tear will help prolong your wrap and leave less room for lifting.  

Waterline: Vinyl is relatively resilient, but it can be damaged if kept in water 24/7, ensure the longevity of your boat wrap by keeping it one inch above the waterline.

Boat wrapped with SLX Cast Wrap
Wrapped by Nukem Graphics using SLX® Cast Wrap

From boats to jet-skis, stand out on the water this summer with an eye-catching vinyl wrap. 

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