DPF V9700

Premium Non-PVC Digital Film with FLITE Technology ®
DPF V9700 is a premium, 2-mil (50 micron) printable non-PVC film casted with a water-based formulation. Featuring
FLITE Technology, this film provides an optimal initial tack to ensure high repositionability with quick anchoring, and builds
a strong bond while removing clean at the end of the wrap’s life. DPF V9700 maintains a high conformability in complex
areas such as rivets, curves, and deep channels. This makes the film ideal for partial, full vehicle and fleet applications.
DPF V9700 is available in a high-gloss finish and provides an enhanced structural stability that eliminates curling of the
edges when heated. This polyurethane printable film offers an extended durability of up to 12 years (unprinted), and is
compatible with Eco-Solvent, Solvent, Latex, and UV print systems.

Aplicaciones y Características

  • VOC reduction by 57.1% during manufacturing.
  • Eliminates the release of chloro-chemicals in landfills.
  • No edge curling from enhanced structural stability.
  • Designed for cutting and weeding letters 2” (5 cm) or greater.
  • Equipped with FLITE Technology® to provide an effortless liner release, superior repositionability and snap-up. • Clean removing.
  • Ideal for Commercial Fleet, partial and full vehicle wraps.
  • Compatible with Eco-Solvent, Solvent, Latex and UV print systems.
  • Compatible with Series V3370 Overlaminate.

Funcionamiento y Propiedades Físicas

Propiedad Métodos de Prueba Valor Típico
Acabado Gloss Meter 60° Reflection ≥80 Gloss Units
Grosor del vinilo Micrometer, Federal Bench Type 2-mil (50 micron)
Resistencia a la tensión Tensile Tester with 2-in (51 mm) jaw separation; crosshead speed of 12 in/min. (5.1 mm/s), web direction ≥ 10.5 lb/in ≥ 1.88 kg/cm
Elongación Instron Tensile Tester as above 260%
Duracion (en caja) deal storage temperature 70°F (21°C) and 50% relative humidity 2 years from factory shipment
Rango de temperatura de aplicación On clean, dry substrate 60°F to 90°F 16°C to 32°C
Rango de temperatura de servicio Applied to etched aluminum panels 24 hours prior to testing. 100% relative humidity 100° (38°) for 500 hours -40°F to 175°F -40°C to 79°C
Establidad dimensional 158°F (70°C), 48 hours aging 0.010in 0.24mm
Adherencia PSTC-1, 15 min, 70°F (21°C) 2.75 lb/in 0.49 kg/cm
Revestimiento TLMI Release at 90°, 300 in/min (760cm/min) 90 g/2 in 17.7 g/cm


Stainless steel application with DPF V9700 is for smooth stainless steel surfaces. Clean removability is not guaranteed for installation on stainless steel surfaces. Arlon does not warranty discoloration or staining that may be visible after removal of DPF V9700 on stainless steel.


The following is made in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied:
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