About the Certification

PDAA and Arlon Vehicle and Fleet Training and Certification

PDAA and Arlon Vehicle and Fleet Training and Certification1 is designed to train installers on the best practices for fleet and commercial vehicle wrapping. Our goal is to help you become a better problem solver and to give you strategies that will work across all critical fleet installation areas. The Training and Certification Program combines our technical knowledge of our products with global industry experience to create guidelines for best practices in commercial vehicle wrap techniques.

About PDAA and Arlon Vehicle and Fleet Training and Certification

A 3-day in-depth program divided into seven hands-on stations and an exam to assess your knowledge and ability. Learn to perform advanced techniques and application and gain benefits that will put you ahead. The primary areas of focus are:

  • Learning how each component (liner, adhesive, film, overlaminate, and inks) of wrap film affects the application process
  • Troubleshooting common failure modes with wraps and their causes
  • Using the cut and drop method on inset cargo van windows
  • Wrapping around common door handles with a hidden seam
  • Registration and seamless tiling on standard rivet panels
  • Register and apply a multi-layer RTA cut vinyl graphic on corrugated rivet
  • Stretch isolation and full coverage on deep channels on inset cargo van windows

Arlon will supply you with a YelloTools tool kit valued at $450! All other tools and materials are provided to you during the training. Materials available in the training include, SLX+® and SLX Cast Wrap, IllumiNITE Wrap®, Fusion Wrap, DPF 45WF, and Series 2100 cut graphics.

Certification Events

Date Location Hosted By Price
Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2022 Fairfax, VA PDAA & Arlon

$799 for PDAA Members

$999 for non-members

  1. To be eligible to attend the certification program, you must complete a required Arlon course content and take the PDAA and Arlon online assessments prior to the event, passing both exams with an 80% or higher grade.
  2. Your company must be a corporate member of PRINTING United Alliance and have a PDAA Certified Installer on staff to be listed on the PDAA Find an Installer directory.

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