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SLX™ Cast Wrap has become our go-to film. We’ve been doing a ton of sprinter vans and we have one person on each job. It’s the best of both worlds – the installation is easy and the quality of the film is unmatched. I always recommend it to my customers because the quality is there and the graphics look great.

Luis Islas
OC Wraps

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With Arlon’s SLX™ Cast Wrap film, all of the features that we as installers require have been captured. From outstanding print quality, to an easy liner release, this film makes installation as easy as it’s ever been!

Michael Palladino
Auto Artisan Group

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We wrapped our first vehicle with SLX™ Cast Wrap last week and we love it. It’s everything as advertised. It reduced our install time significantly, and it was a pleasure to work with. The print quality is outstanding. This will be our new standard material for wraps going forward.

Joe Ryan
Adventure Advertising

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We were die hard fans of a competitive film until we used SLX™ Cast Wrap. It has greatly increased productivity by saving time & money.

Neal Beasly
CCBS & Sign Shop

You don’t have to be scared of the repositionability with Arlon’s SLX™ Cast Wrap film. When it went down, it stayed down – and I loved that! The ease of installation that the novice or experienced installer will have makes this film work for everyone.

Chad Parrish
Graphiti Wraps

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I used Arlon SLX™ Cast Wrap to install a graphic over rivets and was initially surprised by the low contact from the adhesive to the substrate. The film stayed down, repositioned well, and accepted Solvent inks better than other comparable material on the market.

Tom Ewing
Ewing Graphics

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Fastest wrap we’ve ever done!

Chester Ching
Southwood Graphics

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