Series V3370

Series V3370 is a premium, 1.5-mil (38 micron) non-PVC film cast with a water-based formulation and coated with a clear, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. This polyurethane overlaminate creates long-lasting graphics by having an extended durability of up to 12 years (unprinted), a high-gloss finish with high gloss retention, and scratch recovery properties. Series V3370 has superior resistance against harsher chemicals such as: IPA, ethanol, gasoline, ethyl acetate, and various cleaners. Potential rework and scrap are minimized due to the overlaminate’s high heat tolerance that reduces the risk of burning the film, and facefilm not sticking to itself after heat is applied, which eliminates damage to the graphic. The film is fire tested under ASTM E-84 with a Class A rating.

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Unique Features

  • Chemical resistance and scratch-recovery properties
  • Extended Durability of up to 12 years (unprinted)
  • High-gloss finish
  • High heat tolerance

Face Film Thickness

1.5 mil / 38 micron


  • Gloss


Permanent (clear)

Release Liner

Clay Coated

Durability (Unprinted)

up to 12 years

Roll Widths

54 / 60

Roll Length(s)

  • 50 yards

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