DPF 206

Removable Coated Wall Fabric

DPF 206 is a 6-mil (150 micron) light weight polycoated matte white film with a unique woven texture. The clear removable pressure-sensitive adhesive is designed to bond well to substrates such as smooth painted non-vinyl walls. DPF 206 has a lay-flat liner that is optimal for printing on a variety of print systems. This is the ideal film for wall decorations that require ease of application as well as removability.

Applications & Features

  • Interior Wall decorations, advertising and murals on smooth painted non-vinyl walls.
  • Digital printing with a wide variety of direct print systems, such as solvent, UV and UV screen.

Performance & Physical Data

Property Test Methods Typical Value
Surface Finish Gloss Meter 60° Reflection ≤ 10 units
Thickness Micrometer, Federal Bench Type 6-mil (150 micron)
Tensile Strength Tensile Tester 2-in (51 mm) jaw seperation; crosshead speed of 12 in/min. (5.1 mm/s) 100 lb/in 18 kg/cm
Elongation Instron Tensile Tester as above ≥ 30%
Shelf Life Free from excessive moisture, temperature, direct sunlight 2 Years
Storage Temperature 85°F or lower
Application Temperature Range On clean, dry substrate 50°F to 90°F 10°C to 30°C
Service Temperature Range On clean, dry substrate -40°F to 176°F -40°C to 80°C
Dimensional Stability Shrinkage After 158°F (70°C), 48 hours aging < 25-mils < 0.635 mm
Peel Adhesion PSTC-1, 15 min, RT 70°F (21°C) 0.31 lb/in 0.05 kg/cm
Liner Release TLMI Release at 90°, 300 in/min (760 cm/min) 160 g/2 in 30 g/cm

Terms & Conditions

The following is made in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied:

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Additional Considerations

Arlon does not guarantee the successful application or removal of this film to painted interior & exterior walls due to the wide varieties in paints and sealants, especially for zero or low VOC paints.

If used for applications besides those recommended in this Product Information Bulletin, it is highly recommended that the customer determine the compatibility and removability of the product and paint in question. Your Arlon Sales Manager can provide a Wall Wrap Questionnaire to help understand product performance requirements.