Series 3220 Slip-Resistant

Premium Cast Overlaminate

Series 3220 overlaminates are constructed of 50 microns cast vinyl film with clear, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed to protect and prolong the life of printed images, Series 3220 extends the life of the graphics by 2 years.

Series 3220 is rated for outdoor durability up to 7 years.

This product is not designed to be used as an optically clear window film.

Applications & Features

  • Protective Overlaminate for SLX™ Cast Wrap, DPF 6100XLP, DPF 6000XRP, DPF 6000RP White, DPF 6500, DPF 6700, IllumiNITE Wrap™, DPF 2400, DPF 4600GLX, DPF 4500GT/MT, DPF 8000™ Ultra Tack, DPF 8200 High Tack, DPF 9000, DPF 4000 and DPF 4300
  • Series 3220 Gloss is approved EN 14041 for slip resistance for interior floor graphics
  • Long-term signage, kiosks, POP displays, fleet and vehicle applications
  • Recommended dry time for printed images is 24-48 hours prior to laminating
  • UV inhibitors to protect and extend the life of your printed graphic
  • Arlon overlaminate film is designed to be laminated cold without any heat

Performance & Physical Data

Property Test Methods Typical Value
Gloss Gloss Meter 60° Reflection Gloss: 80 to 90 Gloss Units
Thickness Micrometer, Federal Bench Type 50 microns
Tensile Strength Tensile Tester with 51 mm jaw separation; crosshead speed of 5.1 mm/s, web direction ≥ 0.8 kg/cm width
Elongation Instron Tensile Tester as above ≥ 150%
Shelf Life (In Box) Ideal storage temperature 21°C and 50% relative humidity 2 years from factory shipment
Application Temperature Range On clean image 4.4°C to 38°C
Service Temperature Range On clean, dry substrate -40°C to 79°C
Dimensional Stability Shrinkage After 70°C, 48 hours 0.12 mm
Peel Adhesion PSTC-1, 15 min, 21°C 0.78 kg/cm
Adhesion TLMI Release at 90°, 760 cm/min 13.78 g/cm
Standard Terms & Conditions Apply


Actual weathering durability depends on surface preparation, surface maintenance and exposure conditions. Successful weather resistance is characterized by the retention of legibility.

Series 3220 will resist weathering best when applied to vertical or upper outboard angles. Horizontal angles, such as hood and auto roof surfaces, will deteriorate more quickly than vertical. This is due to increased exposure to sun and moisture, as well as continued high deposition of dirt and atmospheric contaminants. Arlon does not recommend its film for horizontal or close horizontal applications. For best practice on laminating to UV inks, see Tip 55: What is Silvering?


Series 3220 Gloss is approved under the European Standard Certification EN 14041 for slip-resistance as a floor graphic material for indoor dry conditions. Arlon recommends DPF 8000™ Ultra Tack, DPF 8200 High Tack and DPF 4600GLX/MLX as the compatible media. These product combinations are recommended for short term
interior floor applications, for an expected life of up to 6 months. To determine the best product for the application Arlon always recommends testing on the surface before using the above products. Product performance can vary greatly depending on the surface type, level of foot traffic, elemental exposure, the carpet type, and floor condition.
Due to these variables, Arlon is unable to offer a warranty for the performance, expected life, or clean removability of these products for floor graphic applications. See Arlon’s Standard Limited Warranty, which is available at

Please refer to Arlon’s Installation Guide for detailed techniques and best practices.

EN 14041 - Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings

Determination of the anti-slip properties (EN 14041): Determination of the dynamic coefficient of friction of floor materials in accordance with EN 14041.


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