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Arlon is in the business of creating innovative material that will bring creative ideas to life. That’s it! ...But we also work on sharing our industry know-how in ways that can benefit the sign and graphics industry. We always look for innovative solutions that will help to transform your business.

Arlon Technologies - A Global Leader This history of Arlon is rooted in its customer-centric approach. What was founded in 1958 as a manufacturer of flexible materials (producing products like cork, rubber, and foam) has evolved into a global company manufacturing millions of feet of cast films. Today, Arlon Graphics is owned by FHT, a family-owned investment firm. Headquartered in Southern California, Arlon supplies the wide-format graphics industry around the world.

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At Arlon, we don’t take this statement lightly. As a company that puts customers at the forefront, we like to think of ourselves as nimble - able to work quickly and respond to our customers needs. Meet our team and get in touch.

Commercial Leadership Team

Andrew McNeill - EU_EN

Andrew McNeill

President & CEO

Andrew Huddlestone - EU_EN

Andrew Huddlestone

Senior Vice President, Commercial Excellence

Chad Russell - EU_EN

Chad Russell

Chief Commercial Officer

Michelle Gunning EU_EN

Michelle Gunning

Vice President, EMEA and Global Growth

Sales Team - EMEA

Larry Burke - EU_EN

Larry Burke

Director of Business Development EMEA

Richard Edwards - EU_EN

Richard Edwards

Senior Sales Manager - UK & Ireland

Alexis Courtois - EU_EN

Alexis Courtois

Senior Sales Manager - France, Spain, Portugal & Product Strategy Manager EMEA

Jarek Kozlowski - EU_EN

Jarek Kozlowski

Senior Sales Manager - Eastern Europe, Cyprus & Malta

Patric H.P. van Gelder - EU_EN

Patric H.P. van Gelder

Senior Sales Manager - Benelux

Tony Harman - EU_EN

Tony Harman

Sales Manager - Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Recep Orak EU_EN

Recep Orak

Sales Manager - Italy, Greece, North Africa & Middle East

Shane Liebenberg EU_EN

Shane Liebenberg

Sales Manager - Scandinavia

Marketing Team - EMEA

Ben Snowdon EU_EN

Ben Snowdon

Global Marketing Manager

Julien Jay Wientzek - EU_EN

Julien Jay Wientzek

Senior Creative Marketing Specialist

Beatrice Giobbi EU_EN

Beatrice Giobbi

Marketing Assistant

Ivan Budimcic EU_EN

Ivan Budimcic

Marketing Specialist

Technical Team - EMEA

Piotr Cinski - EU_EN

Piotr Cinski

Director of Technical Solutions EMEA

Maxime Jaffre - EU_EN

Maxime Jaffre

Technical Wrap Specialist

Dominik Piechocki - EU_EN

Dominik Piechocki

Technical Wrap Specialist

Customer Service Team - EMEA

Sabine Steinbach - EU_EN

Sabine Steinbach

Director of Customer Support

Mila Ferraro - EU_EN

Mila Ferraro

Customer Support Supervisor

Francesca Zanfi - EU_EN

Francesca Zanfi

Customer Support Specialist

Elisa Garella - EU_EN

Elisa Garella

Customer Support Specialist

Lilli Huber EU_EN

Lilli Huber

Customer Support Specialist

Human Resources - EMEA

Emma Mullins - EU_EN

Emma Mullins

Human Resources Manager, EMEA

At Arlon, We Expect Excellence

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