Arlon Accreditation Programme

The Arlon Installer Certification is designed for the installer who understands what it takes to get a wrap to a customer from start to finish. The certification proves that the installer has the knowledge and skills needed to install Arlon films successfully. Our goal is to help you become a better problem solver and to give you strategies that will work across all critical vehicle and fleet installation areas. Arlon’s Preferred Installation Training combines our technical knowledge of our products with global industry experience to create guidelines for best practices in vehicle wrap techniques. To become an Arlon Preferred Installer, you must pass a practical examination. Contact your distributor if you wish to apply for the Arlon Installer Certification.

Types of Certifications:

Certified Fleet Installer – Designed for installers who work with Arlon Print Media Films.
Certified Restyling Installer – Designed for installers who work with Arlon Colour Change Films.

Arlon offers the participants the possibility to have both certifications.

In the following episode of Road to Wrap the EMEA Tech Team provides insights into what the written and practical exams look like in order to receive the Arlon Certification:


The installer’s company is eligible to apply to be an official Arlon Silver, Gold, or Platinum Partner. Companies awarded a partner status are eligible for Arlon’s extended warranty. Every shop with at least two fitters that passed one of Arlon Installer Certification, depending on last calendar year’s purchase record, can apply for partnership status.

Arlon's Certified Installer:

Arlon WRAP Guide

The WRAP guide is designed to be the reminder for installers on the best practices for fleet and commercial vehicle wrapping.

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Training Videos

This page combines our technical knowledge of our products to help you increase productivity with Arlon films.

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