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FLITE Technology®

FLITE Technology® is a lite contact, repositionable system based on a unique adhesive and liner combination. With FLITE Technology, Installers will experience the easiest to apply products in the market. This innovation by Arlon Graphics offers several benefits to vinyl applicators, including easy liner release, unmatched repositionability, bubble-free installs, eliminating glue lines, and redefining the ultimate bond. This technology allows applicators to complete full wraps in challenging application environments single-handedly, streamlining the application process and increasing productivity in sign and fleet shops of all sizes. Arlon Graphics has a full line of vehicle wrap products featuring FLITE Technology such as SLX®+, SLX® Cast Wrap, IllumiNITE Wrap®, and Fusion Wrap.

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Products with FLITE Technology®

X-Scape Technology®

X-Scape Technology® is a brand name for the air-egress technology developed by Arlon Graphics. This technology has revolutionized the way fleet, vehicle and general signage applications are installed. Its unique feature allows air to release through tiny channels in the adhesive-backed vinyl, enabling a speedy installation process. Moreover, the technology maintains a high tack, ensuring a long-term bond. X-Scape Technology is an excellent solution for those looking for a quick and efficient installation process without compromising on the quality of the final product. Its versatility and effectiveness have made it a preferred choice for many installers in the industry. With X-Scape Technology, you can have the confidence that your fleet or vehicle signage will be installed quickly and securely, leaving you with a professional and long-lasting finished product.

Products with X-Scape Technology®

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