Reflective Film General Notes and Observations (#08)

  • The softness and flexibility of Reflecta-Cal (Series 2400 and 2450) makes it ideal for sign cutters. Cutting requires less weight or pressure than other reflective products, which extends the life of the blade and backing roll and reduces weeding time.

  • These qualities are also a benefit to the installer. Since the exceptional flexibility of Reflecta-Cal improves installation over rivets and corrugations, installers can work faster with better results.

  • Best results are obtained by using the same techniques that apply to other high performance products: use a stiff squeegee, heat gun, rivet brush, a pin to relieve trapped air and plenty of elbow grease.

  • For Thermal Imaging applications Arlon Series 2459 is recommended. This film also has very good cutting and weeding characteristics.

Note: Series 2400, 2450 and 2459 films conform to Federal LS-300 Transportation Specifications.

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