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North America Sales Team

David Duncan - NA_EN

David Duncan

Business Development Manager – Fleet & OEM

Ritchie Daize - NA_EN

Ritchie Daize

Business Development Manager – Fleet & OEM

Chuck DiCillo - NA_EN

Chuck DiCillo

Business Development Manager - Fleet & OEM

Mike Popovich - NA_EN

Mike Popovich

US Distribution Channel Manager

George Wiant - NA_EN

George Wiant

Regional Sales Manager – West

Dennis Ortega - NA_EN

Dennis Ortega

Business Development Manager – West

Sam Crosby - NA_EN

Sam Crosby

Regional Sales Manager – North Central

Michael Aybinder - NA_EN

Michael Aybinder

Regional Sales Manager – South Central

Billie Graiff - NA_EN

Billie Graiff

Regional Sales Manager – Southeast

Glen Debes - NA_EN

Glen Debes

Regional Sales Manager – Canada

Justin Ventola - NA_EN

Justin Ventola

Regional Sales Manager - Northeast