ProTec Series 3960

ProTec Series 3960 is the solution for heavy-duty or power sport applications exposed to high levels of abrasion, acting as an extremely durable barrier to protect decals and graphics while maintaining excellent clarity. ProTec Series 3960 is a flexible, high performance, 305 microns overlaminate on a clear synthetic liner with a quick “wet-out” adhesive system keeping ultimate gloss retention and pristine image quality. With efficiency top of mind, ProTec Series 3960 is designed to be laminated cold, without heat.

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Unique Features

  • Excellent Clarity and Gloss Retention
  • Designed to be Laminated Cold, without Heat
  • Quick “Wet-Out” Adhesive System

Face Film Thickness

305 microns


  • Gloss


High Tack, Permanent (Clear)

Release Liner

Clear Synthetic

Durability (Unprinted)

2 Years

Roll Widths

1.37 m

Roll Length(s)

  • 9.14 m
  • 22.86 m

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