Training and Certification

About the Advanced Vehicle Wrap Training

2-Day Cost: $750
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

A 2-day in-depth program designed for experienced installers looking to take their skills to the next level. Focused on commercial vehicle wrap applications, this training is designed to multiply your skill set, develop your technical knowledge in a collaborative classroom session, and set you on the path to becoming one of the top professionals in your field. Our goal is to expand your knowledge base of Arlon films to increase your efficiencies across all critical areas in commercial vehicle wrap applications.

The primary areas of focus for the Advanced Vehicle Wrap Training are:

  • Learning how each component (liner, adhesive, film, overlaminate, and inks) of wrap film affects the application process
  • Troubleshooting common failure modes with wraps and their causes
  • Using the cut and drop method on cargo van inset windows
  • Strategic seam placement on body lines and around common door handles
  • Window graphic alignment and seamless tiling on standard rivet panels
  • Registration and seamless tiling on standard rivet panels
  • Register and apply a multi-layer RTA cut vinyl graphic on corrugated rivet
  • Avoiding edge distortion and using the channel hack on deep channels on cargo van inset window

Attendees receive a top of the line tool kit hand-picked by our expert trainers valued at $400. All other tools and materials are provided to you during the training. Materials available in the training include, SLX® Cast Wrap, IllumiNITE Wrap®, Fusion Wrap, DPF 45WF, and Series 2100XLP cut graphics. The Advanced Vehicle Application Training will prepare you for Arlon’s Certification examination day*.

About the Certification

1-Day Cost: $550
Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Earn a credential to demonstrate your expertise in the industry. Arlon’s Certification is a 1-day examination for expert-level applicators. Divided into six hands-on stations and a written test, exam day is designed to assess your knowledge and ability to work with Arlon vehicle wrap products. This Certification exam covers concepts introduced in the Advanced Vehicle Application Training*.

The benefits of becoming an Arlon Certified Applicator are:

  • Listing in the Arlon Certified Applicator Directory on, which helps brands find talented installers like you
  • Swag kit containing an official Certificate of Completion, Arlon Certified Applicator t-shirt, shop banner, shop decal, and stickers
  • Showcase your Certification on your website, social media, and email with access to downloadable Certification logos and digital banners

*Applicators do not need to take the Advanced Vehicle Wrap Training to register for the Certification exam, however the concepts and techniques taught in the Advanced Vehicle Wrap Training are tested in the Certification exam. 

Event Listing

Date Location Hosted By Price
Apr 22 - Apr 22,2021 , Arlon Graphics $550 - $750 Register
Apr 28 - Apr 28,2021 , Arlon Graphics $550 - $750 Register
Apr 29 - Apr 29,2021 , Arlon Graphics $550 - $750 Register
May 12 - May 12,2021 , Arlon Graphics $550 - $750 Register
May 26 - May 26,2021 , Arlon Graphics $550 - $750 Register