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Wrappers! Welcome to Arlon's #Wrapwars...

Get your cars ready for a slick new style! We want to see what you can do with our vinyl.

Arlon’s car wrap competition begins May 19th.

Cover your cars in select Ultimate PremiumPlus™ colors including Black Metallic, Tropical Pink, Pearl Silver and Focus Orange and either win a roll ofUltimate PremiumPlus™vinyl (of your choice) or a HERO3 White Edition GoPro Camera!

Your car may even be featured in an upcoming Ad in Dubs or Rides Magazine, a promotion, or an Arlon Brochure. Simply submit pictures of your car’s new style to the email provided below, and winners will be chosen based on the quality of your work and photography. The competition ends June 20th, so get wrapping!

To submit your work by e-mail Click Here.

Requirements for Submission:

  • Photos must be submitted in high res (must be at least 220DPI to qualify to win).
  • Must include a high res logo with submission in eps format.
  • Must include contact information with submission (First name, last name, company, address, phone number, email).
  • Must submit colors pertaining to the current contest.

Contest Details:

  • Starts May 19th, 2014 and ends June 20th, 2014. 
  • Each competition will be limited to FOUR colors designated beforehand (Black Metallic, Tropical Pink, Pearl Silver, Focus Orange ).
  • Winners will be announced within 3-5 days of the close of the competition on all social media outlets.
  • There will be a 1st place winner and a runner up.  All winners will be recognized on our social media outlets.

Winner is chosen based on:

  • Quality of color change wrap job.
  • Picture submission clarity/quality (high res at least 220DPI).
  • Fully detailed submissions (high res logo, high res photo(s), credit references, address).
  • There will be a 1st place winner and a runner up.  All winners will be recognized on our social media outlets.
  • The 1st place winner will get 1 roll of Arlon's Ultimate PremiumPlus™vinyl material (winners choice).
  • The runner up will get a HERO3 White Edition GoPro Camera.
  • Winners will be featured as the Arlon Automotive Facebook Cover Photo as well as featured across all social media platforms.
  • Possibility to be featured in an Ad for Dubs or Rides Magazine, a promotion, or Arlon Brochure.

Tips for Submission:

  • Provide different photo angles of the wraps.
  • Multiple photos for the same wrap (encouraged).
  • Multiple photos of multiple colors (encouraged).

*Disclaimer: Arlon reserves the right to use any said photos submitted through this web page or via the social media sites that pertain to this contest. 
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